I am not a cracker

Zooko Journeyman zooko at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 13 03:14:06 PDT 1997

Several journalists have approached me at HIP and afterwards 
for quotes about cracking.  It is interesting that merely by 
showing up at HIP and by having a suspiciously pseudonym-like 
name (hey, my parents were inspired by New Age psychology or 
something, okay?) I have apparently gained the instant 
reputation of being into cracking.

So in case any journalists out there were considering asking me
how to crack Tamagotchis (I kid you not-- that was the topic):

I work in computer security.  I devise systems.  I write code.
I examine systems for weaknesses.  I test systems.  But I don't
crack.  The last time I wrote a Trojan log-in screen was in 9th
grade.  When I made a phone call at HIP I used my pre-paid 
phone card instead of using the cracked phone booth for free. 
I pay for most of my software, other than Microsoft operating 

So look elsewhere for your cracker quotes.


Zooko, Journeyman Hacker

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