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    Even I am sick of this thread. I made an error in judgement in replying to a
I have apologized publicly to all invloved and yet this thread *still* continues
. How about we 
get back to the subject this list was designed for? Here, I'll even start.

     Under PGP 2.63, you are able to generate 2048 bit keys. Now, from everythin
g that I have read, 
it should be impossible to break these keys even use of a Cray computer. (Estima
tes os to cost were 
roughly in the neighborhood of .30 cents a minute, and approximately 1.8 years p
 time if done with a Cray. My question is this. Are there any known attacks that
yielded success against that level of encryption without the plaintext being kno
wn under PGP?
     Also, does anyone know if the 4098 bit keys under PGP 5.0 are stronger or w
eaker? I noticed 
that the alogrythm has been changed as well as the LIB used. (THe MIT version us
es the RSALIB and the 
international version uses the MPLIB). It is the number of bits used that throws
If the 2048 bit keys are unbreakable from 63, then why the need for 4098 bits no
w, unless there is a good 
chance that the bit level is close to being broken if not broken already. That w
ould jump the 
computing time and cost out of this world, considering that the cost jumps expon
entially per *bit*!
    Anyone have an answer? Are the 2048 bit keys under 2.63 breakable at  by the
 US Government or other 
such entities? Are my technical ideas behind my question correct, or do I have t
hem all wrong?
 Any point in the right direction will be welcome. Thanks.
>Again, if you want discussion, discuss already.
>Complaining that others are not writing the articles you want to read is
>never fruitful.
>Probably you'll be happier doing what you said you were going to do, leaving.
>--Tim May
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