Cypherpunks are a bunch of happy people

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Tue Aug 12 17:14:46 PDT 1997

 Cypherpunks are a bunch of happy people


 Discussed were, amongst many other subjects, PGP encryption, building
 personal anonymous remailers, encryption of IP packets, and a kind of
 anonymous remailing system for IP packets (http, ftp, ...) using 'onion'

 These guys promised us some nice stuff for our homes and schools in the
 near future like your own nice 'n' small anonymous remailer. If many people
 put these up and a system of anonymous remailers who give messages to each
 other before delivering it to the addressee is established, you can always
 say that *your* remailer was just one of the middlemen, receiving stuff
 from other anonymous remailers.

 Next, we are going to get cheap (under US $1.000) linux routerboxes that
 encrypt all traffic you send out to the network. Specially designed for the
 school and the home. This makes surfing in the childrens bedroom perfectly
 safe again!

 On the anonymous remailing of IP packets project the cypherpunks are workng
 together with the naval security of the USA. Why? These naval security
 people are working on the same thing, and they need other traffic using the
 same protocols to hide their own traffic in. Otherwise everyone can see
 they are transmitting from A to B. However, the cypherpunks had to explain
 the naval security first that if they want this technique more widespread,
 they have to make it available for cheaper machines and morre widely used
 operating systems... something they had not thought of themselves.

 You might think: "Is all this not illegal?" No it's not (yet, in most
 countries), and making up laws costs more time than writing good encryption
 software, so say the cypherpunks. That is... if they can find enough people
 to write the software. Yes, you guessed right, they are hiring!

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