Discussion Topic (Re: The BIG Lie (Jesus Confesses))

Tim May tcmay at got.net
Tue Aug 12 11:31:09 PDT 1997

At 10:33 AM -0700 8/12/97, Patrick Oonk wrote:
>> At 4:10 AM -0700 8/12/97, Patrick Oonk wrote:
>> >Is this what the cypherpunks list has become ? Discussions about religion ?
>> >
>> >If so, I am out of here...
>> The list is about what people discuss. It is up to all readers to write
>> articles that are interesting.
>> Merely sitting back and waiting for good articles is seldom fruitful.
>Yeah right,
>I subscribed to this list again after I met some cypherpunks
>at HIP'97, as they told me it's still interesting.
>AFAIK this list is about cryptography, privacy and security.
>But hey, I just killfile everyone that discusses religion :)

I just sorted my mailbox based on name, to see what you've contributed. Of
the articles I've kept (about half of all articles, roughly), the only two
I have from you are on this topic. (It may be that you have written other
articles which I don't have, but your name does not spring to mind as being
a contributor.)

Again, if you want discussion, discuss already.

Complaining that others are not writing the articles you want to read is
never fruitful.

Probably you'll be happier doing what you said you were going to do, leaving.

--Tim May

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