HIP hip hooray

Mark Grant mark at unicorn.com
Tue Aug 12 11:10:13 PDT 1997

Zooko Journeyman (zooko at xs4all.nl) wrote:
>HIP rocked. I'm still trying to adjust to the mundanity
>of everyday life. I loved meeting some cpunks in Real

Hey, Zooko! You were the only Cypherpunk who made the article in the
'Independent' (by that blonde reporter who was wandering around), though
Lucky Green was mentioned by name. 

'"[hacking] can be a wonderful thing", explained Zooco, a member of the
CypherPunks. "Pretty much every useful aspect of modern computing was
devised by hackers -- like the Internet and email."'

So did she spell your name wrong, or were you using a pseudonym ;-) ?


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