The BIG Lie (Jesus Confesses)

Alan alan at
Tue Aug 12 09:23:03 PDT 1997

On Tue, 12 Aug 1997, Patrick Oonk wrote:

> > > Bullshit.  Most Christians I see IRL and on TV cringe at books other 
> > > than The Good Book(TM).  Creationism is bullshit, God didn't make
> > > everything in 7 days, we evolved from monkeys and various others
> > > (Although many half-evolved monkeys can be seen on TV Evangelism
> > > shows and in Congress).
> Is this what the cypherpunks list has become ? Discussions about religion ?
> If so, I am out of here...

It has just devolved from crypto-religious discussion to
christ-o-religious discussion.

Don't worry.  It will be back to normal soon.

Whatever that is...

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