The BIG Lie (Jesus Confesses)

Jason William RENNIE jrennie at
Tue Aug 12 03:27:58 PDT 1997

> Too many Christians try to censor atheist site because it defies their Almighty God (TM), and somehow clouds others views.

I notice to many and all for you have a way of being the same. Typical 
narrow minded sterotyping. 

> Bullshit.  Most Christians I see IRL and on TV cringe at books other than The Good Book(TM).  Creationism is bullshit, God didn't make everything in 7 days, we evolved from monkeys and various others (Although many half-evolved monkeys can be seen on TV Evangelism shows and in Congress).

SO get out more and meet more Christians. Dont generalise to some tiny 
subset you know.  
> In order to believe in something, I need some hard facts.  I need to actually see a god (while I'm sober) talk to me and I talk back and see him actually makes things.  Unlike some of the weaker people, I can't just believe it because "anything's possible".  I can't believe it because a minister or a book tells me.  When I was around 8 years, I read this section of the bible asking questions like (it was in the back) "How do we know the bible is true?"  I was intersted, reading further, I noticed some page numbers, so I went there, finding not words of a scientist, but supposed words of god.  If god supposedly asked people to write this, and he says it's true, then that's called bullshit, because that's like someone writing a crypto algorithm, and stating it's secure even though no one else has seen it.

Next you'll claim to belive in evoloution because it has hard facts. 
Sorry to burst your bubble but evolotuion is at least as faulty as 
creationsim. And before you shoot your mouth off and look stupid, i have 
studied a lot of biological scinces at a teritiry level, and was majoring 
in it till i swithced to computer science. I also know heaps of biology 
students who share a similar opinionof evolotuion. No not all of these 
are Christians they just know what there talking about.

> In short, unless I see it for myself, I won't believe it fully.  In religions case, at all.

Again, your probably an evolotuoinist. You belive in quarks don't you ?? 
But wait you cant see them and all information realted to them is 
theoretical. Still what can i expect from the sheltered ignorant. 

Get out more and meet more poeple and dont generalise to all from small 
subsets you ignorant individual.


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