Triple-DES blues (was Re: some hashcash advocacy)

Kent Crispin kent at
Mon Aug 11 14:51:56 PDT 1997

On Mon, Aug 11, 1997 at 08:56:07AM +0100, Adam Back wrote:
> Well here's DES... shouldn't be hard to construct a 3DES out of it

I will try this.

> How high can you crank up the bit rate?  How about pgp.exe (270k or so
> from pgp263)?

Say 300k.

I think the lower limit would be about twice the imput file size. 
Playing time: suppose each byte in the input was a single note, and,
say 30 notes/sec (damn dense music).  10k seconds.  About 3 hours
long.  Also, 30 notes/sec is too dense for any pitch-to-midi to work.

Not really very practical :-)

> Couldn't you sample voices, and use that through a vocoder?  Say one
> line of the music was DES above which would come out as a real short
> burst... even pgp.exe at 270k wouldn't be that long at stereo CD
> quality sample, right?

Totally different technology than midi, of course.  Certainly you
could treat any data as a sample.  The interesting question to me is
whether anything aesthetically meaningfull could be generated --
pgp.exe as a sound sample would just be a short white noise-ish clip,
probably -- "PGP - the noise".

Once again, there seems to be no practical value to such an encoding,
that I can think of at least, so aesthetics are the only reason to
generate something.  Midi gives you the opportunity of mirroring
textual patterns in sound, and since text is meaningful, the game I am
playing is to try to make a musical meaning out of it.  It's kind of 

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