Comments on PGP5.0 OCR (was Re: fyi, pgp source now available , internationally)

Ray Arachelian sunder at
Mon Aug 11 14:36:46 PDT 1997

On Mon, 11 Aug 1997 nospam-seesignature at wrote:

> Not quite.  If you read closely, the EAR says something about reserving
> judgment on OCR publications.  You didn't use a specific OCR font, but you
> did put all kinds of other OCR helps in, which should by itself cloud the
> issue.  It would be nice if it was resolved.

Um, how about a CRC for every character of every line published
electronically?  (hehehhe...  Oh, and of course we'll use 32 bit CRC's of
8 bit characters, of course...)

Hidden text of this message not visible to feds for those without
imagination: (yeah, right) all one would need is to build a table of 255
CRC's, take the 32 bit CRC code and reverse lookup the data. :) 

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