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>On Mon, 11 Aug 1997, Adam Shostack wrote:

>> First off, congratulations and thanks to Stale and everyone else for
>> scanning in the source to PGP5.0i (
>> However, theres an ugly problem with the license.
>> (
>> In Section 1.c.(d), permission is given to port PGP to other
>> platforms.  However, permission to distribute those ports is
>> explicitly denied.
>> Could the license be modified to allow people who port the software to
>> redisctribute ports?  There is enough FUD about using PGP without PGP,
>> Inc contributing to that by overly tight licensing.
>> Adam

>Or what do you do about bugs?  It mentions corrections, but not who to
>send them to.

>On DEC Alpha/axp under Linux, include/pgpUsuals.h has a test for a big
>ULONG_MAX that defines HAVE64 as 1 on 64 bit machines like the alpha

>But the very next test has #ifndef HAVE64 where there is a typedef for
>word64, which won't happen.  But if HAVE64 is 1, in pgpMD5.c it will
>really want word64 defined or it will bomb. 

>Something is wrong, but if I copy the typedef, it seems to get further
>(compiling as we speak - the old UDBs aren't the fastest alphas).

>Now, where should I send this information or the patch?

Here is a patch I received for the pgpUsuals.h file:

There is a bug in src/lib/pgp/include/pgpUsuals.h on 64-bit machines. The
appended patch seems to cure the problem --- the word64 type needs to be
defined, even when the machine has a native 64-bit type.

*** src/lib/pgp/include/pgpUsuals.h~    Sat Aug  9 22:44:58 1997 ---
src/lib/pgp/include/pgpUsuals.h     Mon Aug 11 11:03:38 1997
*** 52,57 ****
- --- 52,58 ----
  #if ULONG_MAX == 0xfffffffffffffffful
  typedef ulong bnword64;
  #define BNWORD64 bnword64
+ typedef ulong word64;
  #define HAVE64 1

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