Comments on PGP5.0 OCR (was Re: fyi, pgp source now available , internationally)

Ryan Anderson randerso at
Mon Aug 11 09:20:52 PDT 1997

On Mon, 11 Aug 1997, Adam Back wrote:

> How about a book full of 2D barcodes?  
> As a plus perhaps the book would be more compact, as you could gzip it
> first -- the full source tree looks to be over a foot of doublesided
> paper!

Well, remember the reason we did this:  to get the code out of the US in a
way that the government couldn't screw with at all.  Readable text is
clearly a publication, and thus unrestrictable.  There is a chance,
however small, that gzip (and tarring I'd assume) the tree and then
putting it in as text (or bar-coding it) would cloud the issue some.
(Isn't part of this to do with human-readable as opposed to machien

Besides, this way it's easier to spot the errors simply by comparing, with
bar-codes and such you'd never ever be able to look at the errors yourself
and find them.

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