some hashcash advocacy (was Re: anti-spam law implies laws against remailers?)

Paul Bradley paul at
Mon Aug 11 08:38:40 PDT 1997

> As an interim upgrade path ISPs adopting it could be to bounce
> messages with out payments, and include a nonce, and instructions to
> resend including the nonce.  Set up the filter so that the second post
> gets through.  Spammers often don't have forged reply addresses for
> obvious reasons.  

I don`t think we even want to get into the issue of ISPs being involved 
in hashcash or any other form of postage, a better system is a simple 
user<->user model where the users mail reader can be configured to filter 
email without hashcash, procmail scripts to do this wouldn`t be hard 
either I imagine (disclaimer: I`m no procmail expert, and this may be 
entirely wrong).

Any form of ISP censorship, bouncing or filtering is a bad move.

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