A peculiar notion

David D.W. Downey admin at CyberSpaceTechnologies.com
Sun Aug 10 17:49:07 PDT 1997

Steve Schear wrote:

> In short, the Constitution itself was a casualty of >Lincoln's war. A Pyrrhic victory indeed.
	For the first time in a long time, I've read a post that actually make
me seriously consider rethinking what I have been taught. I've studied
quite a bit in regards to US law and the Consitution, (made necessary by
my being Pro-PGP), and never looked in that direction. Your post adds a
very different light to things.  I took the liberty of forwarding your
post to a few of my old teachers, and they said that even they had not
looked at history from that point. Thank you for the push.

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