If contradiction could kill... [Re: The BIG Lie (Jesus Confesse

Alan alan at ctrl-alt-del.com
Sun Aug 10 11:38:45 PDT 1997

At 09:52 AM 8/10/97 -0500, jf_avon at citenet.net wrote:
>On 10 Aug 97 at 5:17, David D.W. Downey wrote:
>> Neither do I walk *any* party line. (In fact I am registered as
>> independant so that I am forced to be [...]
>This sentence gave me good laughs!  Just a rhetorical question: *who* 
>exactly _forces_  you ?

"The problem with being an anarchist is there are so many rules.  You have
to hate the government, attend the meetings, and pay your dues every month."

David Downey is just a big bundle of contradictions.

I would just be happy if he would learn about paragraphs.

>As an independent (of whatever plurality of entities), what prevents 
>you to side with one of them?
>If contradiction was killing  swiftly,  there would be no religions 
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