The BIG Lie (Jesus Confesses)

David D.W. Downey admin at
Sat Aug 9 22:38:24 PDT 1997

You know you have made alot of assumptions about me that are neither
warranted nor given basis for existing from my posting. You are just as
guilty as I am on assumptions. So before *you* get all high and mighty,
figure out first if that is *actually* who I am. Don't use me as a
scapegoat that you can use to expound *your* particular beliefs about,
just as you take offense at some of the assumptions I made regarding
TruthMonger. I do not advocate anything but my own personal thoughts on
matters. Neither do I walk *any* party line. (In fact I am registered as
independant so that I am forced to be impartial on issues as I am then
not stuck with any one parties beliefs. This little flare of temper on
my part though does show me one thing at least. There are *many* here
that do just the same type of lumping as they accuse me of. Hmm, I
forgot. Everyone is perfect, therefore this post is not real and neither
are you as in a perfect world there would be no need for me to have this
discussion. In that case, I bid you an unreal goodnight.

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