Masons and Fnords

John Young jya at
Sat Aug 9 18:43:08 PDT 1997

Tim May wrote:

>--Tim May, 34th Degree Mason, former resident of Alexandria, home of the
>Masonic Temple.

Now this is modest understatement with regard to this MT, the Godzilla
of Masonic Temples, worth a side trip from the Capital of the Freeh
World. You won't believe your eyes at this pyramid scheme putting the
originals at Giza to shame.

That over-reaching Alexandria Masonic Temple is matched only by the 
Mormon in Utah and the Buddhist in W.VA and St. Peters and Angor Wat 
and ... Billy Gates' Xanadu.

Oh my, we archies yearn for return of the big piles staircasing to any jesus
moves your mountains of loot from your temple to ours.

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