Platypus and the kangaroos

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Sat Aug 9 11:26:25 PDT 1997

? the Platypus {aka David Formosa} <dformosa at> writes:
> > [2] Have any of the "others" been kangaroos?
> No there too high sprung for me. (Pity though 'roos have two virginas,
> care to double your fun :D)

I read a very interesting article (lost the reference) about the various
kinds of genital mutilation practiced by your aborigines.  Removing the
foreskin as some barbaric semitic tribes taught the equally barbaric
Americans to do is nothing.  Some tribes cut a hole at the base of the penis
so urine and/or semen get evacuated through this hole. This serves as
a nice birth control device: the only way an abo can get his girlfriend
pregnant is to intentionally pick up his ejaculate (the artificial hole
is outside the vagina) and stick it in with his fingers.

Yet other tribes slice up their penises lengthwise, so there are two
halves pointing right and left. (To stick them into an orifice of
any sort, someone must hold them together.) Supposedly this has something
to do with the kangaroo being their totem animal!


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