RHS Linux User ant at replay.xs4all.nl
Sat Aug 9 10:54:42 PDT 1997


See https://cypherpunks.campsite.hip97.nl

Also watch TV and the newspapers next week.  We have
been promoting the education mission.....

Scanned paper PGP source code proofreading is nearing
completion (by non-US people of course), and we hope to finish
this weekend.  Whitespace is the most hassle, even in places
where it doesn't affect the code's meaning.

Another time publish a paper version w/o comments and tabs.

Our meeting is postponed to Sunday 16:00 local time to avoid
a clash w/ Bruce Schneier.

Some CPs had difficulty leaving the US to get here.  It's not
very clear how purposeful that was, but they'll tell you the
details if they want to.  :) :) :)

    normally             ant at notatla.demon.co.uk
    till Monday morning  ant at replay.com 

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