TAZ & Rewebber servers

Adam Back aba at dcs.ex.ac.uk
Sat Aug 9 09:26:02 PDT 1997

Ian Goldberg and Dave Wagner have a paper on an implementation of
something related to Ross Anderson's paper at:


People interested in eternity service protocols etc, might find it

The rewebber is a kind of chaining encrypting web proxy.  Web proxies
normally accept urls like so:


There paper allows you to have


where 1231324adefgga1324324adefgga1324324adefgga1324 is an encrypted
form of "http://somewhere.com/blah/".  You can chain this.

I didn't notice their paper announced here at the time they wrote it.

They have an implementation, but source is not available directly due
to export crapola.  I guess you'll have to send them email if you want
to try it out.

They have a sample server up, and the TAZ server seems to work, but
the rewebber seemed to be dead when I used it.

It looks to me that you could combine eternity servers with rewebbers.
Create a rewebber chain pointing at an article in an eternity server.

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