The BIG Lie (Jesus Confesses)

Bradley E. Reynolds breynolds at
Sat Aug 9 08:55:24 PDT 1997

> You know, you are just about the biggest idiot I have ever had the
> displeasure of reading. For one, the largest religion in the US right
> now *is* in fact judeo-christian. The largest is Roman Catholic with
> Pentacostal Protestant following right behind. Next, this country was
> founded on christian beliefs, or have you failed to read the words of
> the constitution of the US. 

Oh, like "Life, Liberty, and molesting the convenient altar boy"
The country was founded on some conception of god which was melded
with the general beliefs of the founders.  But if you are referring
to the original government of the united states, then you are
referring to a goverment which largely dealt with foreign
relations are rarely trod into the realms of personal liberty.
In fact, it was the liberty which england had violated that
all this crazy stuff started over.  Though the founders
of our nation were protestant or whatnot, they still realized the
importance of not letting their personal beliefs meddle with the
running of a government.  

> displayed thus far about the makeup of the US, I would venture to say
> that you probably have not read it. Next, you attack christians for
> trying to control the content made available on the internet. At least
> the site ratings plan is better than alot of other plans I have seen.

That is a very poor argument.  I guess hitler's plan was pretty
good to ensure an aryan nation because it was the best thing
available at the time?.   

> Besides, Oh Godlike TruthMonger, where is *your* surefire plan to halt
> the spread of trash that *most* humans would want out of of the reach of
> their children? I have not seen you *once* offer a straightforward clear
> cut plan to efficiently handle *any* issue placed for discussion on this
> listserv. 

Ok, here is the plan.  Anarchy.  when this happens, I am getting
my handy spoon and killing nameless members of the anti-cypherpunks
regime.  Heh, we can even have a little wagering pool on it.

I have seen you do nothing but slam, belittle, and degrade
> others and their beliefs and ideas. You do this under the unimpressive
> tag of "TruthMonger". If anything, you are anything but a TruthMonger.
> When you can come up with a plan that even *remotely* seems like a
> logically thought out, planned, and intelligent proposal on how to
> handle the issues presented everyday on the internet that affect the
> computing industry balanced with a concern for the children, then I will
> listen. (And yes, I do agree that the parents of the children have an
> obligation to monitor the content they are exposed to. It's called
> responsible parenting which unfortunately is not a well practiced
> ideology. And to take the wind out of your sales, I have 2 children and
> as a parent I limit them to what is appropriate to their ages.) Until
> such time as you can fulfill the obligations to us, the adult computing
> population, and our offspring, the children (just in case your fuddled
> mind does not know what they are), I suggest you rest those busy little
> fingers of yours and listen to the underlying theme of the issues before
> us. Until then, HateMonger, I have one suggestion for you..... Shut Up!

Blah, another believer that polysyllabic attack will somehow 
give credence to your argument.  Well, this obviously refined
message (not including the shut up at the end) is a good indicator
of just how fucked up this country is.  How about you go about
your business and I go about mine and we never meet unless you and
I agree to.  

Look, I have to talk to way too many morons like yourself everyday
and I must admit that it gives me headaches.  So go be a good
cybersitter and monitor the gigs of porn piped into your house
every day and don't bother me with your tripe.


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