NCash - an experimental digital cash system

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Subject: NCash - an experimental digital cash system

do you know about this??  (probably :-)
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This corner of the WWW is devoted to information, documentation and source
for the NCash digital cash experiment. Some pointers here are links right
into my source tree, so don't be surprised if you find inconsistencies or

NCash is my Master's project at the Linköping Institute of Technology. The
idea is to design and implement an bare-bones off-line digital cash system,
meeting rather high standards for security and privacy. And then try it out
in the Real World. For simplicity, NCash will be software only, with both
servers and clients running on Unix-like machines.

The cash system being implemented follows the ideas of Stefan Brands'
rather closely, in particular the system described in his 'An efficient
off-line electronic cash system based on the representation problem'.

An excellent introduction to digital cash and related matters are David
Chaum's articles 'Achieving Electronic Privacy' and 'Security Without
Identification: Transaction Systems to Make Big Brother Obsolete', written
1992 and 1985 respectively.

I'm running a mailing list for discussion of the NCash project. The list is
mainly for the persons more or less involved in the project, i.e. me, my
supervisor, other people who have offered help, volunteers who wish to try
out the system when time comes, and some friends and other interested
people. The main language on the list is Swedish.

To subscribe, send mail to <ncash-request at>. The list address
is <ncash-request at>. There's also an

A the design and implementation
proceeds, I try to keep up with documenting NCash. If you dare, look at the
latest snapshot as of August 6th. Also available as

The <>source code will
mostly be written in the Pike language, and will probably be released under
the GNU General Public License, but it's not ready yet for some time.

The server will probably run on a <>Linux machine that
the mathematics department has kindly given me access to.

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