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Lynne L. Harrison lharrison at mhv.net
Sat Aug 9 02:40:07 PDT 1997

At 05:03 AM 8/9/97 -0400, David D.W. Downey wrote:
>			*** FYI ***
>If you recieve an e-mail titled " JOIN THE CREW" do not open it.
>It will erase everything on your hard disk.
>This is a new virus that is not detected by McAfee or Norton.

Yes, my children, this is a new virus.  There are certain facts, however,
of which you should be aware.

>From http://ciac.llnl.gov/ciac/CIACHoaxes.html#joincrew:

----------------Begin Attached Message------------------

Join the Crew

Circulating the Internet is an email message entitled "Join the Crew". For
a virus to spread, it must be executed. Reading a mail message does not
execute the mail message. Trojans and viruses have been found as executable
attachments to mail
messages, but they must be extracted and executed to do any harm. CIAC
still affirms that reading E-mail, using typical mail agents, can not
activate malicious code delivered in or with the message.

    IMPORTANT - VIRUS Alert!!!

         Take note !

         Someone got an email, titled as JOIN THE CREW.
         It has erased his hard drive.
         Do not open up any mail that has this title.
         It will erase your whole hard drive.
         This is a new email virus and not a lot of people know about it,
         just let everyone  know, so they won't be a victim.

         Please e-mail this to everyone you know!!!
         Remember the title :    JOIN THE CREW

Variants of this email message are circulating the Internet. If you receive
an email message entitled "Join the Crew" and it has an attachment, CIAC
recommends that you delete the message and the attachment. If you receive
just the message, delete the
message. Please DO NOT circulate unvalidated virus alerts.

------------End Attached Message-------------

Postscript:  To those of you who still are virgins, please read the above
thoroughly noting especially: "For a virus to spread, it must be executed.
Reading a mail message does not execute the mail message."

Go ye in safety with thy hard drive in tact. 

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