Apology from me to the list and TruthMonger

David Downey digital_matrix at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 8 22:59:54 PDT 1997

LOL, all right, all right. I'll take my lickings and like it. I 
apologize. I came off far from what I was trying to say. I was really 
pissed off at what TruthMonger said in the email. I took major offense 
at his use of Jesus in the mail in the context in which he did. I am NOT 
one who believes in the banning of sites based on a rating syste, I 
believe that based on the rating system you should be able to decide 
from that if *you* want to go there. No one has the right to *ban* a 
site. I humbly apologize to all and to TruthMonger. Some say one should 
not apologize on a list because then everyone will make it open season 
on that person forever. If that is the case, oh well. I believe that if 
a man is in the wrong he should apologize. I am in the wrong. I 
apologize. I went overboard on my retort to TruthMonger, not stopping to 
think how it would make me appear. I unfortuately gave the impression in 
complete opposites of where I actually stand on the issues. I do not 
know how to word where I stand because I take a little from each side as 
to what is the correct way to handle these issues. I joined this 
listserv because I believe wholeheartedly in the stated reason for the 
existence of this listserv. I run my own for the same reasons. 

Folks, I truly am sorry for the remarks I made, and the attitude 
displayed is not what I believe inside. I believe that every man and 
women have the right to make there own dicision on issues that affect 
them. I believe that a fully cooperative effort to come to terms with 
many of the issues facing us is needed. I do NOT support the government 
in it's belief that sites should be banned based on their ratings in 
whatever finally accepted rating system. I do not believe in escrowed 
key accounting (espeicially when the government choses the key ecrow 
agents). I do *not* follow the bible thumping christian coalitions that 
believe that decending on the net with bibles, fishnets, and handcuffs 
is the answer. I believe in fighting for what one believes in. I firmly 
believe in protecting the children and guiding them towards an 
understanding of today's world in *all* it trappings. I am also unsure 
as to the correct and "right" way to do this. I am open to suggestions, 
and am willing to openly contribute my own. There are many of you who 
will undoubtably have blocked my posts as a result of my earlier post. I 
am sorry for this. For I could learn a few things from those that have, 
just as I can pass on some to them.

For the mistakes I put forth, I humbly apologize.

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