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We are a multi-billion dollar per year international company that is looking for serious, teachable, motivated people who want to start a business from their home.  We are not looking for people who are unemployed and looking for a job.  We need people who want to spend time with their families while making a substantial amount of money. If this describes you, please read on!

Take a few minutes to read the following booklet very carefully right now.  This booklet has been extraordinarily successful in both direct mail and e-mail form and has absolutely been the answer to many peoples' dream of freedom to work around their families/children, AND having complete control over their lifestyle and income.  All you need to do to begin is carefully read the information and follow the instructions.

This is a Direct Marketing program that will have interested people contacting you.  You do not need any special schooling; training is provided and no experience is necessary.  If you are teachable and motivated and would like to earn income from home, then we want to get you started TODAY.

Unlike most Work-at-Home "opportunities", this is not envelope stuffing or home assembly where the work is hard and the compensation is low.  This is a very lucrative business opportunity that has allowed me to almost double my income in the last year!

It is very important that you read the booklet thoroughly so that you may begin the training on how this program works.  It will describe the smart way to make money and keep it.  After reading the booklet, there will be a phone number for you to call that will put you into a short recording that will ask you to leave your name and address in order to receive our startup materials which you will have 30 days to inspect.  The materials cost only $39.00 and are fully guaranteed to be exactly what you are looking for or your money is refunded.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of our tremendous success and the overwhelming response to our advertising, we can afford to be picky about who we choose to work with to make a lot of money - for this reason, you are going through this screening process of reading the book and calling the number.  Many people who are just "tire-kickers" will not get that far - this is exactly what we want.  By the time you call and order the startup information, we will know that you are one of the serious ones who ARE teachable and motivated.  It is you that we want, not the people who get screened out because they are lazy or not teachable enough to follow these simple instructions.

I can only encourage you with all my heart to not get screened out!  You are sitting on a gold mine as you read this letter.  After you follow the instructions in the booklet, you will be put in contact with a local person to help you and guide you through your new way of life.  This person will help you start your new, exciting future!


M. Bishop

                     WORK FORM HOME E-MAIL BOOKLET





You live in the home of your dreams
You drive the car of your dreams
You experience the vacation of your dreams, with your family
You love what you do every day ...
You are happy ...


Dear Friend,

Have you ever driven by a mansion and wondered how somebody could possibly afford to live there, and not be doing something illegal? Or seen people having a leisurely lunch at a lavish restaurant as you rush back to work after eating fast food?  How can people living in the same country, with the same education, and the same skills, be living such different lives?  

Many of us try to live a little better by using finance companies to buy things we couldn't otherwise afford.  I had a real eye-opening experience when I bought some furniture.  The salesman told me it was "90 days same as cash".  When it didn't look like I could pay the money back in 90 days, they told me it was no problem, I could make payments.  Then I read the fine print and almost fell over when I realized they were going to charge me 29% interest!

Another sad fact is he percentage of money saved or invested in our country.  We rank last in the western world in terms of money in savings, and first in terms of credit card debt. Think of what would happen if anything happened to you, and your family had to take on your financial situation right now.  If you think you are safe with the credit card protection offered by the card companies, read the fine print.  They only pay the minimum each month which again only covers the interest!  The finance companies win again. 

DID YOU SAVE $12,000 LAST YEAR?  $1200?  $120?  ANY?

How much will you have saved in the next five years?  If things don't drastically change, you can double your last five years savings amount and you will have your answer.  For most people, that is not a pleasant prospect.  But say you are one of the lucky people who have some savings, and you look forward to living off the interest in retirement, well!!..


Did you know that it takes a bank account of over $250,000 earning at least 5% interest to provide a monthly income of about $1,150?  That is roughly the welfare allowance of a single mother of four!  When do you think you'll have your $250,000 in the bank?  And in 10 to 20 years will you pay the electric bill or the phone bill with $1,150 per month?  If this sounds drastic, the reality is even worse.  What about the medical bill emergencies that may pop up?  They usually become more frequent as you get older.

What to people do?  Do you want the truth?  95% die broke after working 40 years.  U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT wrote, "Many people will need to keep earning a paycheck into their 70s!  It's too late for them to save enough to quit working at 65."

Consider this.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that out of 100 people who start working at age 25, by the age of 65 ...
* 1% Are wealthy
* 4% Have adequate capital for retirement
* 3% Are still working
* 63% Are dependent on Social Security, friends, relatives or charity
* 29% are dead

How does $40,000 per year sound?  If you wish to retire with this income, it would take $1.9 Million in tax-deferred accounts to provide that income if a 35-year-old today would retire at age 65!! That means you would have to be able to save $3,333.33 PER MONTH starting now!  Can you possibly save that kind of money with your current income?  And imagine what $40,000 will be worth in 30 years.  That income would probably keep you at poverty level in the year 2027.


The answer is usually simpler than you might think.  Unless you inherited a large sum of money or hit the lottery, people with an above average lifestyle usually work for themselves!  Here is the breakdown of who controls the most percentage of wealth in America ...

* 10% Top executives and CEOs
* 10% Professionals like doctors and lawyers
* 5% Sales People
* 1% Everyone else!

Those figures used to make me mad because I used to be in the 1% category!  I worked as hard as I could for 40-60 hours per week and all I did was make someone else more money.  Then I looked at the percentage of taxes I was paying, and I realized it was higher than the percentage others paid who were making ten times what I was!  The reason was I couldn't write anything off if I worked for someone else.  ALL my income was taxable.
I soon understood that the laws and the odds in America favored those who ran their own businesses.  My first problem was, I had no business training or experience, and secondly I was broke! At that time in my life the only job I had held was as an electrician and my wife Candace's experience came from being a secretary in the construction business.  My confidence level to make a change in my life was zero.  On the positive side, I was mad about how unfair it all seemed.  This anger finally got me into ACTION when the right opportunity presented itself.


My life changed when a friend of mine shared the information you are getting in this booklet.  What he presented to me was a turnkey work-at-home business that I could start with the skills and money I had, and have immediate success, so I was encouraged to continue.  With the power of our advertising and mail-order system, I didn't even have to know anybody in my local area!  In the first month, I earned $1,735.60 profit part-time from my home.  By my eleventh month I made over $10,000 a month, and now for five years my income working from home has been steady and is currently over $25,000 PER MONTH!

At this point you might think, "Oh, this can't be true - all of these things are a scam" or "These things only happen to other people."  Well I'm here to tell you not only am I one of those "other" people, but I have trained many of those other people who are now living the life of their dreams.  Many of them have EXACTLY YOUR background.


The key to our success lies in our SYSTEM.  As I said before, this is a turnkey work-from-home mail order system.  Our system provides goods and services to people who are searching for exactly what we have.  The mail order business is a 427 billion dollar a year industry, and all forms of direct sales are predicted to double in the next 5 - 7 years!  The growth potential is unlimited!

What allowed me to be earning $10,000 A MONTH INCOME IN 11 MONTHS was the good fortune I had in finding suppliers who would sell me products that were in high demand, and training in this system step-by-step so even I could understand it!  These TRADE SECRETS are what we are willing to pass on to you.  What is required from you is the burning desire to make some changes in your life, and a willingness to be teachable.


Now if you are looking for some get-rich-quick scheme that guarantees all the money you can dream of with no effort, I'm sorry to tell you this is the real world where those promises usually end up getting you in trouble one way or another.  However, if you are like I was and are used to an honest day's work but aren't used to a generous day's pay, this MIGHT be for you.  I say "might" because not everybody who wishes for success has the determination to stick to a plan of action until they are a success.  That is why so many Americans accept a small paycheck from someone who is willing to organize themselves!  When you cash a mediocre paycheck you are in effect agreeing, when you endorse the check, that your time and labor are only worth that small amount.

What I learned from this experience is that contrary to what we have all been taught, the money you make in life has nothing to do with fairness, hard work, formal education, or years on the job.  What does increase your ability to earn above average money is the ability to adapt to a different direction when the road you are on is not leading you to your desired destination.  Why continue in frustration doing the same things over and over again when they have never produced results for you in the past?  Wouldn't it be better to try something new than to keep hitting your head on the same brick wall over and over?  The quality I observed in truly successful people is that they have the ability to adapt.  They spend 5% of their time identifying the problems they face, and 95% of their time finding solutions.  Most of us have the equation backwards.  We spend 95% of our time complaining about our problems while 5% of our energy, if we are lucky, is spent on finding new solutions!

So what are our options?  If you listen very hard you might hear the sound of some people throwing these pages in the garbage.  The result is that they may continue making the same decisions that led them to the dead end they find themselves in today.  Some of these are wonderful people, but they just don't have the ability to adapt and change.  You might call this the dinosaur mentality that leads to the extinction of the realization of their hopes and dreams.

The other option is to follow a proven method of change that may be new and challenging in the beginning, but has the ability to produce the results that you wish for your life.


If this would work for you, what would you use the extra money and freedom of time for?  I suggest you take the time right now to make a "Dream" list.  If money wasn't an obstacle, what would you do in your life?  Allow yourself to dream the "impossible" and write it down.  If you are one of the small percentage of people who took the time to actually do this, congratulations!  You just took an important first step toward changing your life.  Many people who didn't, or stopped reading this book long ago were screened out and their options are no better than when they received this material.

Think of it this way - when you were a child you could dream about how you wanted your life to turn out easily, couldn't you?  Then as you experienced life most of us have been beaten up pretty badly at certain points.  The result is that many people stopped allowing themselves to DREAM.  They became afraid to be disappointed yet again.

What helped me was associating with people who ARE a success, and allowing their successful habits and thinking to influence me.  But one step further than this was to actually have those people help me start my own business.  I also had them available as a resource to help me refine my efforts so I was working smarter not harder!  You may obtain useful information from reading self-help books, but try to get the author of those books to actually help you build your business.  With our system, you are never just on your own!


Now, the next part of making your dreams a reality is to FOLLOW THROUGH with directed activity that can create the situation you want in your life.  You can do that when you finish reading this book by phoning the number you will find at the end of this letter.  Again, the people who do can take further steps towards a better future, while the rest are screened out.  But if you've followed along this far, you ALREADY TOOK your first steps, and now you can use that momentum to get you to your goals!

Let me tell you about some people I have had the pleasure of working with, and how they have used this system for themselves ...


Mindy is a single mom who was a real estate broker.  She made great money but she was burnt out and tired of assuming the personal liability for what others did.  She used to cry many times at night because the burn-out led to both professional and personal problems that devastated her financially.  She didn't know how to do anything else that would allow her to earn a decent living and still be involved with her son's schooling and daily activities.

At that time in her life Mindy responded to some information similar to what you are reading.  At first she hesitated, but her anxiety and frustration pushed her to leave "no stone unturned" in her pursuit to build a better future for her family and ease the financial pressures.  She followed all the instructions she received and by the end of the first month she had earned $4,500.  In less than one year her monthly income was over $8,000 a month.  Today she earns $12,000 to $15,000 consistently each month and is free from the stresses she had been under.  Working at home, Mindy can now spend as much time as she wishes with her family.


Jack and Jean live in North Dakota and are close to retiring.  Jack works for the railroad and Jean works for the government in a program that provides subsidies for farmers.  As is the case with most people retiring, their pension income won't provide the lifestyle they dreamed of throughout their careers.  Also, Jack's health wasn't great and he wanted something constructive to work on after his retirement.  But they didn't want something so time-consuming that they couldn't enjoy themselves or take frequent vacations.

They found their answer in this little booklet!  Their first month they earned $1,243 and by their third month, they were earning over $1,600 per month consistently - that's over $400 per week PART TIME!  By their eleventh month our system was generating another $350 per month residual income for Jack and Jean.  The extra $350 is mailbox money - that is money that comes automatically as a result of business built in the past!  As a part of our system, there is a retirement program built right in.  As a matter of fact, I retired myself for one year, and currently I am only 42 years old!


That's me!  Yes, after 11 months I was earning $10,000 per month income - now it's over $25,000 per month and I retired for a year.  Sounds unbelievable?  I sometimes have a hard time believing it myself!  And it happened to me!  I also traveled to Europe and several Caribbean islands for extended periods of time, and now live by a beautiful lake in Orange County, California.  With our system, you can also expand your business around the world and be one of the people doing business in many countries as they open up for trade with the U.S.  Remember the old saying, "Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."  You will have more fun and satisfaction in this adventure than you can imagine.


Now is the time for you to decide about your future.  Are you going to continue down the same road you have been traveling?  Or are you willing to make a positive change in your life by trying something new?  Remember, "For things to change in your life you've got to change, for things to get better you've got to get better." - Jim Rohn

You have to make the decision to take the next step.  You have already gone so far in completing this book, why not allow yourself the things you want out of life by following through with a phone call?  What do you have to lose?  More importantly, what do you have to gain?  Opportunity ignored seldom returns again.  Don't let your dream lifestyle pass you by like millions of others who will have to go to work tomorrow with no hope of ever achieving what they truly desire, and retire to old age, poor health, and a feeling that they somehow missed something incredible in their lives!

All it takes is a simple phone call.  With a little effort and the ability to be teachable, we can definitely show you how to be successful with our system.  You will have a personal mentor who will work with you step by step, and show you exactly how you too can build a successful home-based business without unacceptable risks.

Who knows, maybe someday you will be sharing the secrets of how you built an incredible lifestyle with those who are still just - WORKING for a living!

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you personally.

Sincerely, Bob Anderson


* 12/15/96 -- $12,429.35 (royalties)
* 12/20/96 -- $13,406.77 (bonuses)
* 01/15/96 -- $12,292.15 (royalties)
* 01/20/96 -- $13,702.09 (bonuses)




CALL:  1-801-350-8718

(P.S. - for payment, the "name on the book" that the recording refers to is Michael Bishop.  This name appears on the postal direct mail version.)

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