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Jim Choate ravage at
Fri Aug 8 19:05:13 PDT 1997


Not really crypto relevant but it does cover many other issues that get
covered here regularly.

Maximum Security: A hacker's guide to protecting your internet site
                  and network
ISBN 1-57521-268-4
$49.99 (w/ CD)

Covers Microsoft, Unix, Novell, VAX/VMS, Mac, Plan 9 hacking techniques.

"The author is an experienced computer hacker who now specializes in testing
the security of various networking platforms by breaking into computer
networks and subsequently revealing what holes led to the unauthorized
entry. In the late 1980's, the author was convicted of a series of financial
crimes after developing a technique to circumvent bank security in automatic
teller machin systems; he therefore prefers to remain anonymous."

LLoyds' (The Mentor) "Hacker Manifesto" is included on the inside cover.

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ps it just occurred to me that being written by anonymous will cause this
   book to show up in lots of porno books on a author search, poetic
   justice or masterful craftsmanship?

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