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I've been digging through the PGP 5.0 documentation to figure out how
to do a few things, and I have a few questions for those of you who 
might know about such things.

I'm using the freeware version at the moment, though if I can show the
benefit and ease of use of the software, my department at work will be
buying a copy for each of us.

To quote the documentation...
"PGP offers a selection of different secret-key algorithms to encrypt
the actual message. By secret key algorithm, we mean a conventional,
symmetric, block cipher that uses the same key to both encrypt and
decrypt. The three symmetric block ciphers offered by PGP are CAST,
Triple-DES, and IDEA."

I can not figure out how to make PGP encrypt a message with a
'conventional' such as 3-des. Is this only available in the commercial

When invoking PGP against a file, as opposed to the clipboard, is
there a way to tell it to ascii-armor the resulting encrypted file by

The documentation leaves much to be desired along these lines. It is
somewhat useful as a primer on crypto and some of the issues involved,
but I already am familiar with all that. I just want to know how to
use the program to make it do what I want. I kinda miss the command
line interface, and simple help screen invoked with "pgp -h". I
realize I could still make use of pgp 2.x, but I need something
windows-simple for the folx at work.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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