The BIG Lie (Jesus Confesses) (fwd)

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Fri Aug 8 18:20:12 PDT 1997

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> On  8 Aug 97 at 18:26, David D.W. Downey wrote:
> >  Next, this country was founded on christian beliefs, or have you
> > failed to read the words of the constitution of the US.

Malarky, the country was founded on the belief in a God not a Christian god,
considering that Washington and Jefferson were not even Christians pretty
much blows that whole Christian promulgated lie.

Washington and Jefferson were deist.

> Comments from Canada: Libertarians usually attibutes the reference to
> the christian cult in the US constitution

At no point does the Constitution ever mention Christ.

Typical Christian attitude, preach but don't worry about practicing it.

And just in case you haven't got the clue yet, I will spell it out. There
are MANY groups who believe in a God. Very few of them believe Christ was
the son of God and our saviour.

I am a Pantheist, I believe in god but I can guarantee it bears absolutely
no resemblance to the Christian god. This realization was the whole point of
seperation of church and state and my god given right to practice my beliefs
even if they aren't rights given by YOUR god.

You need to retake Spin_Doctor_101 if you are going to try to pull that
sort of wool over peoples eyes ...

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