Did anyone archive MPJ's site?

Alan alan at ctrl-alt-del.com
Fri Aug 8 16:51:31 PDT 1997

On Fri, 8 Aug 1997, Ariel Glenn wrote:

> I got parts of it but am missing much of the PGP and almost all of PGP
> tools :-(
> I am hoping someone else got those parts. Otherwise I can get some of
> it from MIT, I suppose...

I offered to mirror it.  The site is set up for uploads.  I hope it is not
too late.  (I did not realize it was going to vaporize that quick.)

If he has backups and/or can get the files loaded on my system, the offer
to host the archive still stands.  (Also, if someone else has the files,
it can be put up on the server.  I cleared 350 megs for it...)

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