News Flash! "Lighting Bolt Strikes CypherPunks Mailing List Post!" / Re: The BIG Lie (Jesus Confesses)

Toto toto at
Fri Aug 8 14:47:54 PDT 1997

Anon-To: cypherpunks at

David D.W. Downey wrote: 
> You know, you are just about the biggest idiot I have ever had the
> displeasure of reading.

  To tell the truth, I'm really embarassed. It's not bad enough that
the TruthMailer was hit by lightning and deleted my references to
Tim C. May's Vernacular Translation of the Bible (in a shoddy attempt
to throw the emnity caused by my post in his direction), but I have
sunk to such a low level of reputation capital that I am being looked
down on by someone whose cocaine habit caused him to do such evil 
things that he changed his name from Morton Jr. to David D.W.

  I won't even try to pretend that I can answer your objections to my
post, since I am just a "drunken voice, barfing in the wilderness."
  However, there is one who will come "after" me (hopefully, not with a
gun), who I am merely "preparing the way" for. He also came "before"
me (which you can verify by checking the archives).
  He is the one who turned the CypherPunks away from the electronically
graven image of PGP and taught us to be paranoid in spirit. He taught
us that, although we are Phil's chosen people, we must wander in the
algorithmic desert for 40 bytes before we enter the Private Land.
  He was accused by the ASCII-art priests. He was crucified on the 
cross of censorship, and was deleted, but he arose after three weeks 
of posts  by "something called a Toto" to redeem the list members from
the sins they committed in calling for censorship and for the death 
of the list.

  He forgives those of us on the list who manage to dodge his eternal
rapid-fire, even though he makes fun of us by saying, "My father's
house has many Mansons...and too many fucking Mongers."
  After his list res-erection, his disciples' posts have spread his
words far and wide, in a new, distributed list known as "The New
 {"In the beginning, was the Turd..."
  "Beware of politicians fucking people in sheeple's clothing..."
  "The Revelation of Timothy C. May, which Zimmerman gave unto him,
  to show unto the newbies things which must shortly come to pass
  after introduction of the Clipper chip..." }

    Since lightning never strikes twice in the same place, I will repost
the message as "The _Really_ Big Lie," with a self-rating of FUD.
  If you hated the remailed sequel, you will despise the original.

Jesus H. Fucking ChristMonger

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