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On Wed, 6 Aug 1997, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:

> ? the Platypus {aka David Formosa} <dformosa at st.nepean.uws.edu.au> writes:


> > You don't get connectivity off of AGIS becuase no-one connnects.  AGIS'
> > routers ect are so misconfigered ect that pagets seem to move threw it
> > more by coninicdence then anything else.
> David, it's remarks like these that cause people to conclude that you're
> not very bright.  I'm not a customer of AGIS or any of its downstreams,
> and I get excellent connectivity to their sites.

When agis allowed peaple to measure there performence it was always on
the poor side,  now that AGIS is blocking all attempts to mesure packet
loss over its network (hiding under the excuse that these are attacks)
no one can realy tell.

>  I remind the readers
> that certain groups on Usenet hate AGIS because of their refusal to
> censor content.

It would have more to do with hosting Spamford Wallis the internets second
worst abuser.

> E.g. read the Net.Scum page for Debbie Taylor to read
> how the homos tried to censor the Web site called "www.gothatesfags.com"

I have no problems with that web site's existence.

> For this reason, homos (is David one?)

I'm not gay but my boyfreand is :D.[1]

> spread lies ike the above about AGIS, using meaningless technical jargon
> and implying that that it doesn't work properly,

It dosn't,  see the articals about it going down (still haven't found that
'hacker'), see the articals about how it advertised routs that it didn't
own, see ...

[1] Demitri A little bit of resurch would of established what my
sexualiaty is.  For the record most of my parteners have been femail

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