Exit Remailer Suggestion

Adam Back aba at dcs.ex.ac.uk
Fri Aug 8 03:17:24 PDT 1997

Mike Duvos <enoch at zipcon.net> writes:
> Someone wrote:

(That someone was me).

>  > What about AOL disks?  We need shorter lived, disposable
>  > remailers as exit remailers...  Let them take the heat,
>  > while the real remailers walk.  Lets see a series of
>  > "exitman" remailers.  Exitman remailers are walking targets
>  > left to fend for themselves as long as they may.
> By reconfiguring current remailers to use a public Email service
> as the last link in the chain, we tap a potentially infinite
> supply of disposable accounts, on advertising-supported service
> providers with skins as thick as those of the bulk emailers.
> Sounds like a plan to me.

OK, lets _do_ it!

Sounds much easier and less risky than relying on a recreational
cracker to provide a stream of short lived remailers as I was

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