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	You know, forget about the gold standard; we're on the information
standard.  There's $1-1/2 trillion in the global economy sloshing around
every single day, flowing toward those nations that make hard choices
based on real numbers and get away from illusionary policies based on
secondhand smoke and rear-view mirrors.  By making the tough choices and
investing more in our priorities for the future, while at the same time
steadily reducing the budget deficit, we are keeping interest rates down
and drawing investment capital to the right places in the United States of
	President Clinton and I know that while a strong and growing
national economy is job number one, and while we are proud of the progress
that has been made, we know that it is only a start, and much more needs
to be done.  We know that it's also not enough, because while we must
improve the track, we must also make sure that everyone has the
opportunity to get to the starting gate.
	That's especially important today, because we are entering a new
economy, one that is not just better and stronger than the old one, but
one that is very different as well, in fundamentally new ways.  It is an
economy driven by information and technology.  It is an economy that
depends less on the size of our factories than it does on the skills and
creativity of our people.  It is an economy that is linked to the global
marketplace by phone, fax, and computer cable.  It is an economy that is
zapping dollars and data around the world every moment at the speed of
	That's something new.  We all know that.  We see it in our daily
lives.  We experience it when we walk into a business establishment. We
see it in our own work.
	And if we prepare for this new economy, this new world, in the
right way, then this new economy can be the most empowering and inclusive
economy that the United States of America has ever known.
	In an economy where goods and services are increasingly traded
along and across the information superhighway, a simple connection to the
Internet can transform an isolated urban community into a thriving
economic center.
	In an economy where companies cannot afford not to hire and
promote the best-educated, best-trained, best-skilled employees, the right
kind of education can indeed help to crack the glass ceiling and break
through the barriers of prejudice and hatred, and get rid of the residue
of that hatefulness from history  in an economy. .ETX 
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