Clinton's threat of line-item veto affect crypto bill?

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Fri Aug 8 00:58:59 PDT 1997

Read my earlier post re: this.  Clinton already said he'd veto SAFE.

At 10:00 AM 8/5/97 -0700, stewarts at wrote:
>At 04:36 PM 8/4/97 -0700, Ernest Hua wrote:
>>Does anyone have any idea whether Clinton's threat of using the
>>line-item veto against portions of the big spending bill could
>>be leverage against some pro-SAFE legislators?
>The line item veto doesn't eliminate the political games in the budget,
>it just changes the details a bit.  Sure, he could threaten to
>veto their favorite pork-barrel projects for crossing him on crypto,
>just as he could threaten to veto them if they don't support
>his favorite pork.  But as someone else said, he can threaten to
>veto the crypto bill itself, or (perhaps worse) threaten to veto it
>unless it's "balanced", by including controls on domestic cryptography
>in return for letting Big Business export more products.
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