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Declan McCullagh declan at pathfinder.com
Fri Aug 8 00:41:19 PDT 1997

I believe this is what the folks at Netscape tried to eliminate in 4.0,
which I'm told features four cookie settings. One rejects "third party


On Thu, 7 Aug 1997, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:

> Declan McCullagh <declan at well.com> writes:
> > Thanks for the help, folks. This is for an article on privacy I was
> > working on, and I found the info I needed. For instance, Netscape's
> > explanation of the protocol left me wondering about whether cookies from
> > acme.com could be requested by competitor.com.
> The answer is YES, although it requires a little work.
> Suppose that you point your browser at http://www.A.com/index.html.
> Suppose that file contains an <img src="http://www.B.com/X.cgi">.
> The CGI file displays a little picture, and also gets or sets a cookie.
> Suppose you next browse http://www.C.com/index.html, and it too
> contains the same <img src...>.  Since the cookie is "owned" by B.com,
> not A.com or C.com, the cgi file can track your movement from A.Com to
> B.Com.
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