Postal remailers? (was Re: anti-spam law implies laws againstremailers?)

Steve Schear azur at
Fri Aug 8 00:35:19 PDT 1997

>Nor are delivery services required to "know their customer" or to have
>ironclad proof of where a package originated. (Hell, even the U.S. Postal
>Service allows mail with no valid return address, and this was my
>experience in Europe as well.)

As an aside are there any anonymous postal remailers?  If not, it might be
interesting to set them up.  Maybe you could include a diskette with the
'nested' remailer information now used on Net and ecash payments at each
layer of the 'onion'.  Users would be encouraged to use uniform box
dimensions, wrapping and weight (via liquid 'filler weights) to thwart
traffic analysis.



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