Export Tax vs ITAR as a compromise ...

Steve Schear azur at netcom.com
Fri Aug 8 00:35:13 PDT 1997

At 7:10 PM -0700 8/7/97, Marshall Clow wrote:
>If this were in force, and I were someone like, say, PGP,
>I would export a single copy of my program to a confederate
>overseas who would then duplicate it and sell it abroad,
>sending royalty payments back to me.
>25% of $50 is um... $12.50.

Once the PGP 5.0 listing have been OCR's and placed on Net, I'd be very
surprised if PGP didn't announce an offshore commercial licensing and
distribution agreement.  PGP may have published their source code, but they
have not ceded their copyrights or use of their trademarks.


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