Eternity Uncensorable?

Mark Grant mark at
Wed Aug 6 04:28:30 PDT 1997

Seems to me there's a fundamental flaw with the current Eternity server;
as I understand it the messages are identified by a subject which is the
SHA of their URL, so all that a government need do to censor a particular
site is to scan for those messages and issue cancels. Sure, your site and
those upstream may not accept such messages, but potentially they can
still wipe out a large fraction of the system or at least force users to
change their eternity URLs on a regular basis.

It also doesn't provide true security, since when someone sets up an 
illegal site the gubment can find the messages on Usenet, decrypt them, 
and then threaten the remailer operator who posted them.

I understand that this is just an alpha release, but I don't see any
obvious way to fix these problems with a Usenet-based system. 


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