Clinton's threat of line-item veto affect crypto bill?

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Tue Aug 5 23:56:53 PDT 1997

At 04:36 PM 8/4/97 -0700, Ernest Hua wrote:
>Does anyone have any idea whether Clinton's threat of using the
>line-item veto against portions of the big spending bill could
>be leverage against some pro-SAFE legislators?

The line item veto doesn't eliminate the political games in the budget,
it just changes the details a bit.  Sure, he could threaten to
veto their favorite pork-barrel projects for crossing him on crypto,
just as he could threaten to veto them if they don't support
his favorite pork.  But as someone else said, he can threaten to
veto the crypto bill itself, or (perhaps worse) threaten to veto it
unless it's "balanced", by including controls on domestic cryptography
in return for letting Big Business export more products.

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