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1) Upcoming Conference: CTIA's WIRELESS FRAUD '97

2) The Battle continues: Antenna Siting

3) CTIA Supports New Tauzin Legislation to Catch and Prosecute
 Electronic Stalkers

WIRELESS FRAUD '97 Conference

WIRELESS FRAUD '97 Conference is September 28 through October 2 in Orlando, FL.  If you have not made your plans to be where the industry is going to be,  MAKE THEM NOW  because yesterday's wireless fraud solutions may not solve tomorrow's problems. Authentication is helping, so is RF Fingerprinting and other technologies. Despite our successes, wireless criminals haven't given up.  Come to Orlando and WIRELESS FRAUD '97 the last week of September and learn how you can combat fraud.  For more details please see complete information on's Fraud Microsite, or call (202)-785-0081 .

The Latest on the Antenna Siting Battle "Now Is the Time for Action, Not Inquiry" 

FCC grants CTIA petition challenging local zoning  moratoriums and seeks further comments.  CTIA Says: Further comment spells further delay.  Read the whole story here.

Electronic Stalking and the Wireless Privacy Enhancement Act of 1997

Earlier this year, CTIA President and CEO Thomas E. Wheeler testified before Rep.
Tauzin’s subcommittee, urging Congress to close a loophole that permitted what he termed "electronic stalking."  Tauzin’s legislation clarifies and tightens current law to ban the manufacture, modification, sale and use of equipment used to illegally intercept private, protected conversations over wireless phones . 

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