John Young jya at pipeline.com
Tue Aug 5 17:58:49 PDT 1997

AOL/PrimeHost has reactivated JYA.

AOL's story for the takedown is that our seldom used ftp 
component was being used by unidentified parties to traffic in 
warez and that it had nothing to do with the http part, "whose 
content does not concern us."

Still, it's odd we did not get a call about the problem as was done
a few weeks ago for a similar warez invasion. At that time, we 
offered to close our ftp, but the PrimeHost rep said no, we'll monitor 
it, as we do other ftps. I specifically asked to be notified if it
happened again, but wasn't. And it's not clear why it took a
week for me to find out what was what. Or why not AOL did not
just close the ftp and leave the http operating.

'Course, maybe the  takedown was signal of distrust of JYA
innocence. And a warning.

Thanks to the folks who offered more help than the teapot
tempest seems to have warranted -- so far.

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