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Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM dlv at
Mon Aug 4 16:30:32 PDT 1997

Paul Bradley <paul at> writes:
> > Favorite Cypherpunks Cryptographic Links, including helpful offshore
> > source code archives, and a pointer to the Cyphernomicon.
> Yes, actually posting some crypto code to the eternity archive would be a 
> good way to export it, I know it`s big but how about the whole platform 
> independent source to PGP v5.0 as a plaintext document.
> Oh, and how about some $cientology "copyrighted" documents.

I said back when theprototype Eternity server was announced that this was
a very important development; I'm glad that it's moving forward.

I'd like to nominate another candidate for the eternity server.

As some folks on this list may be aware, the Spanish government has been
trying to censor the basque nationalist web site with a limited degree of

A week or so ago the basques exploded a bomb killing one person. The
Spanish gubmint publicly demanded that CNN remove the link from its
Web site to the Basque site, calling them terrorists. The CNN declined
and this victory for free speech was touted al over the Internet.

What didn't seem to get much coverage is the fact that the basque site
was hosted by the Institute for Global Communications.  I remember ICG
from the days I was helping bring the Internet to Eastern Europe. They're
well-meaning folks, but very cowardly and not too technically sophisticted.
The Spanish government organized a mailbombing campaign against them, 
similar to the campaigns against the "spammers". (It sounded to me like
both mailbombs and ping storms were involved, all coming from numerous
sites in .es.) Last week ICG bent over and announced that they're
pulling the plug on the Basque site.

This act of government-sponsored net.terrorism and content censorship must
not go unpunished, but the first step is to ensure that the Basque site
is up and running. I sugggest putting it on the Eternity server, and
mirroring it on any other servers that are willing to put up with the
blackmail and denial-of-service attacks from the net.terrorists organized
by the Spanish government.


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