bulk postage fine (was Re: non-censorous spam control)

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    stewarts at ix.netcom.com said:

>which is a mixed blessing.)  Also, there are several Supreme Court cases,
>such as McIntyre vs. Ohio, that strongly uphold the right to anonymous

I envy the constitutional protections you have. We have no such 
protections and courts have found no right of free speech exists in 
Australia (ie if the High Court was correct of course). I'm assuming 
McIntyres case was a constitutional challenge.

>One obvious implementation of identification would of course be a
>Key Management Infrastructure...  They might not do it, not only because
>it would require everyone to change their email programs, but more
>seriously because it would require everyone to use encryption-capable
>mailers (or at least signature-capable), and even with 40-bit escrowed
>mail, it makes eavesdropping much more work.

Also if that did come to pass the casual user would become much more 
interested in crypto and probably ask why his crypto-enabled mailer was 
dum-ed down. Hmmmm...interesting.

Somehow I think the gubmint would be very wary of such a possibility; but 
who knows.

Comment for the list copy of this mail:
(Just on the matter of mailers, for anyone running X take a look at
exmh if you haven't already. This gives a nice graphical interface
and pgp is integrated into it making reading/writing encrypted mail
as simple as clicking a button. Combine it with xemacs and you have a
very powerful email system. Pegasus for Win95, and I think Win3.1 is
a freeware mailer for which a freeware add-on for pgp integration is

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