EC Report on Crypto

John Young jya at
Mon Aug 4 04:25:30 PDT 1997

     4 August 1997, ComputerWorld:

     Report/ Encryption policy hurts trade 

     U.S. controls on the export of encryption technology and
     telecommunications equipment represent significant barriers
     to international trade, the European Commission said in a
     report last week. 

     The development of digital communications has prompted the
     need for improved protection against the unauthorized use of
     personal data, trade secrets, banking information and
     databases. Without that protection, it is unlikely that
     electronic commerce will take off, said one European
     Commission official. 

     The commission's 13th annual ``Report on United States
     Barriers to Trade and Investment'' said the U.S. is the
     dominant supplier of key computing components, and the
     country's limitations on the export of strong encryption
     products hurts the growth of electronic commerce. 


Anyone with a URL for this report? The EC site is uncrackably
multi-lingual otiose.

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