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TruthMonger tm at dev.null
Mon Aug 4 01:02:06 PDT 1997

Joichi Ito wrote:
> OK. I give up. I think DreamMonger's last comment about at least sort of
> believing in my intentions is about the best it will get for me here.

  Sure, quit before we even have a chance to use the cheap shots we've
thought up since our last posts. Spoilsport.

> Tim, you're in my killfile now too so I'm not going to respond directly to
> your comments.

  Me neither. I'm going to use email.

> Now at least when I am going through the meatgrinder, I won't know if it is
> a cypherpunk or a Japanese fascist who's sending me through.

  It would probably be considered Politically Incorrect for me to
that eye-shape might be a good indication, so I won't.
  Another indication might be whether your torturers are shouting,
You all an Ameliclan SPY!" or, "We kicked your ass in 'The Big One',
  If you haven't figured it out by the time you've been put completely
through the meatgrinder, you can still figure it out by noting whether
your remains are being mixed with rice and put in cabbage leaves, or
being coated with barbeque sauce and thrown on a grill.

> At 05:46 97/08/04 +0200, Anonymous wrote:
> >   I hope Joichi Ito paid enough attention to the OKC bombing to realize
> > that some surgeons are less skilled than others, and that there is a
> > risk in remaining too long in close proximity with cancerous tissue.
> Some Japanese conservatives probably think *I* am the cancerous tissue that
> their people shouldn't hang out with...
  "Everybody needs somebody that they can look down on.
   That they can feel better than, at any time they please.
   Someone doing something dirty, decent folks can frown on.
   And if you can't find nobody else, then help yourself to me."
      - Kris Krisofferson

  It has been my experience that it is more fulfilling to be tortured by
CypherPunks than by Conservatives. <ymmv>
  (And the physical meetings are more fun, too.)


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