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Sun Aug 3 10:37:07 PDT 1997

Unlike "Toto," who claims to be "Truthmonger," I speak the truth.

At 5:12 AM -0700 8/3/97, Joichi Ito wrote:

>so they probably are pretty militaristic), Japan does not have the
>equivalent of the NSA. It really is in Japanese national security interests

And what of Chobetsu?

Cf. Richelson's books on the world's intelligence agencies for discussion
of Japan's version of the NSA.

I also had a discussion with an NHK crew about Chobetsu and the coopeative
spying arrangements at the USAF base at Misawa. The NHK folks seemed to get
nervious at what I was openly discussing with them, and averred that such
things are rarely spoken of in Japan, at least not as openly as I was
speaking of them. (I showed them the sections Richelson had on Misawa, and
Seymour Hersh's revelations about the 6920th and the Naval Security Group,
Task Force 59, and complicity in the offing of Gough Whitlam of Australia.)

Wise up, Joichi. You live in society more totalitarian than anything we
fear. Japanese citizen-units under video surveillance and afraid to speak
out. And surveillance and espionage technology deployed by your fascist
governmet--a term I mean literally, not casually--will worsen things

The only "cooperation" with them is to seek their annihilation.

And nothing but mischief will come out any meetings with government on
"crypto policy," as their goals can never be our goals. At least in the
U.S., despite obvious flaws, we have a "Congress shall make no law"
provision which _tends_ to make government meddling in speech, such as
meddling in crypto, more difficult.

--Tim May

>to consider minimizing risk by distributing it since they obviously do not
>have the ability to control it in the way that the US does. Anyone who
>has been following the statements by the Japanese at the OECD should
>note that Japan has alway lagged behind in supporting government control
>of crypto. In addition (although this article is very seldom sited in actual
>cases) the Japanese constitution provides for privacy of communications
>for citizens. Also, most of the crypto technology is held in private
>Really, what I am try to do is two things:
>1) Make sure that Japan makes the right decision about crypto policy so
>that they do no stifle commercial development of crypto or put at risk
>national and individual security/privacy by implementing a weak system because
>of political pressure or domestic surveilance requirements.
>2) Make sure that Japan does not repeat the US "Hacker Crackdown" and
>more recent Australian crackdowns which I think can cause a rift between
>hackers and society. Right now I think the risk of weak security from
>the point of view of IWar and just plain network failure is much more
>than cracking down on hackers/crackers. I'm trying to head off such
>movements by trying to put threats and risks into perspective at the National
>Security level and take the focus away from the activities of hackers who
>I think can help improve security and lower risks in the long term.
>As for Tim's message... I keep worrying (when I am in Japan) that I'm too
>radical, so it's nice to hear from someone who is really hardcore to put
>a wimp like me in my place. ;-P
>I guess I still believe in trying to redirect the process of government before
>"dropping out"... I'm not making it any easier for the "bad guys" giving them
>my opinion and I can alway "drop out" when I think no one's listening
>Anyway, I'm going to stop writing now before all of the government people
>reading this list decide to put me in their kill file. Then no one will be
>to me. ;-P
>- Joi
>P.S. I wrote an article in the Daily Yomiuri about a year ago that outlines
>where I am coming from. Please take a look if you are interested. The
>Daily Yomiuri is a national Japanese newspaper.
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There's something wrong when I'm a felon under an increasing number of laws.
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