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Paul Bradley paul at fatmans.demon.co.uk
Sun Aug 3 08:15:33 PDT 1997

> My point of focus is freedom. Deleting others' messages is not
> justifiable for -any- reason, IMO. If you have a problem with what
> is sent, you should take it up with the source of the transmission.
> The carriers of that transmission cannot care about the content and
> still profess to be "free" in any way.

To give another perspective I see it this way:

Forging cancels for articles is just another form of speech, there is no 
crime in forging a cancel.

Accepting cancels as a newsadmin is no crime as it is private equipment 
and you can censor what the hell you want on your own news servers.

This is not to say either of these actions is to be condoned, merely that 
cancel-forgers are only exercising their right to free speech. 

Of course Chris lewis and all the other cancel-forgers are cocksuckers, 
and newsadmins who accept cancels are fools, but hey, there are fools and 
cocksuckers in every walk of life. Don`t like it? find and ISP that 
doesn`t accept cancels, most clued-up newsadmins just set the s/w to
ignore them.

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