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Adam Back aba at
Sun Aug 3 06:56:21 PDT 1997

John Young <jya at> writes:
> The ISP for, PrimeHost, an AOL subisidiary, has axed
> the site.
> [...]
> Finally, a Boss was reached who said the site was "intentionally pulled." 
> He claimed that it was "not a serious problem, so don't be alarmed," 
> and sang cheerily about "some files" without elaboration.
> Maybe more next week, and we pray it turns out to be hysterically
> alarming and not merely a pissed Intel Prop owner seeking pay.

If/when you do figure out what files it was that upset them, perhaps
we can put them in the distributed eternity www-based data haven.

Then tell them to go censor:


(Should be fun to watch them try to "take down" a web document that is
scattered across millions of USENET news spools.  If any particular
eternity server operator gets hassled, the attention will cause a
feeding frenzy of new eternity servers springing up, much like the
attempt at censoring Radikal, only the documents will still be sitting
there in the document store, and there won't even be a glitch in

> is still up, thanks to PrimeHost's autosub. Ten files there
> -- so far.

Current eternity servers:

(Thanks to the person who suggested in email the idea of mirroring
whatever it was primehost are trying to censor on

[jya: do you still have all materials that were on]

Have *you* exported RSA today? -->

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