Tim Misfires / Re: Joichi Ito as a Junior Policeman

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Sun Aug 3 01:22:26 PDT 1997

Joichi Ito wrote:
> At 23:46 97/08/01 -0700, Tim May wrote:
> > And why are you helping to write a report that will be the "official
> > position" of the Japanese cops?

> Because, it would be much better to have it say, "we don't want key
> escrow." My position on the study group is much more like making
> a testimony in congress. Unlike the US, once a bill hits the floor,
> it is very hard to participate. I have to participate while it is still
> in the ministry level.

  Tim spends so much time cleaning his guns he sometimes gets a bit
myopic and everything he sees looks like a "target."
  While it is true that the process Joichi Ito is speaking of is still
subject to the failing of those "protesting" becoming bum-buddies with
those they are "protesting against," it is also true that it is more 
like giving opposing Congressional testimony than like joining the
"old boys" at the Whithouse to trade your soul for a few moments of
touching the hem of the King's garment at the seat of power.

> > The JDF is notoriously militaristic. You should reconsider this.

> > And Cypherpunks should be very careful about "advising" an obviously
> > co-opted member of the Japanese military and police establishment.

> Again. If you want to view me as "co-opted" that's fine. Without me,
> you would not have gotten Gilmore, Carl Ellison, or Whit Diffie's voice
> on the record during the study group hearings. Do you think I should
> just sit back and let the KEA's take over?

  It is clearly up to Joichi Ito to decide how he can best work toward
cypherpunk goals under his system of government, but he would do well
to listen to those on the list who have seen more than a few crusaders
sink into the swill when they make the mistake of talking to the piggies
too close to the trough.
  A good sign that you have not yet been co-opted is if you still take
that "extra" briefcase to the meetings, just in case.
{"I've got to run out to my car for a moment with my briefcase, but I
will be leaving my _other_ briefcase here." <tick-tock-tick-tock>}


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