Duncan Long on Cypherpunks and Guns

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Sun Aug 3 00:09:29 PDT 1997

Tim May wrote:
> While looking through Duncan Long's Web pages on survivalism, guns, and
> such, I found this interesting mention of Cypherpunks.
> This particular article is at: http://www.prairienet.org/guns/dlgs/gun3.htm

> --begin excerpt from Duncan Long's article--

> Cypherpunks: Individuals who believe that the government is out to invade
> the privacy of everybody on the planet. The cypherpunk's central
> goal is to out-smart the system. (The encryption program, PGP, is often
> referred to by this group as "the Cypherpunk's best friend").
> Ravers: Folks who use synthesized and sampled music, computer-generated
> psychedelic ("cyberdelic") art, and designer drugs to create
> massive all-night dance parties and love-fests in empty warehouses.

  Damn, I'm on the wrong list...


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