Joichi Ito as a Junior Policeman

Joichi Ito jito at
Sat Aug 2 20:09:22 PDT 1997

Hi Tim.

At 23:46 97/08/01 -0700, Tim May wrote:

> And why are you helping to write a report that will be the "official
> position" of the Japanese cops?

Because, it would be much better to have it say, "we don't want key
escrow." My position on the study group is much more like making
a testimony in congress. Unlike the US, once a bill hits the floor,
it is very hard to participate. I have to participate while it is still
in the ministry level.

> The JDF is notoriously militaristic. You should reconsider this.

Again. That is exactly why I am diving in to give my opinion.
Leaving it to themselves to figure things out is probably much worse
than having someone like myself in all of the study groups giving
my frank opinion.

> And Cypherpunks should be very careful about "advising" an obviously
> co-opted member of the Japanese military and police establishment.

Again. If you want to view me as "co-opted" that's fine. Without me,
you would not have gotten Gilmore, Carl Ellison, or Whit Diffie's voice
on the record during the study group hearings. Do you think I should
just sit back and let the KEA's take over? 

> Use crypto to undermine such entities, not support them. Crypto will
> unleash anarchy on the world.

Why not let them figure it out instead of waging a war?

> You sound like a "junior policeman" to me.

Well I'm not.

> Another person to add to the killfiles.

What a productive attitude.

- Joi

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